The objective of the Development of STEAM education project is:

  • To lead European schools in the improvement of existing STEAM approaches,
  • To guide them fostering the young Europeans’ interest, skills, and career in math’s, science, engineering, and technology as well as arts,
  • To provide the schools with the necessary toolbox to engage their students, teachers and other members of the community in STEAM-related activities by developing an appropriate STEAM school strategy.

Providing adequate guidance and underpinning innovative activities to be developed at the national level, the Project will expand a network of STEAM schools involving not only teachers, administrators, but also other stakeholders, e.g., STEAM/research/ non-formal education centres.

The Project will develop complementary blocks of activities:

  • Developing a transnational understanding (definition) of STEAM schools as it is essential to share successful practices at a European level.
  • Guiding schools and their stakeholders in improving the standard of STEAM education activities, organising them not only in the classroom but also in STEAM centres, thus expanding teaching opportunities for students and favour connections and links with STEAM stakeholders outside the school.
  • Compiling existing and offering new innovative STEAM education resources useful for schools to improve their STEAM activities and strategy.
  • Developing a transnational network and community of STEAM schools to allow cross-border peer to peer learning activities.

The Project will address the school education challenges and the role of industry in STEAM education with the active support of the authorities and other stakeholders to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects, while enhancing education and careers to young Europeans and address anticipated future skills gaps within the European Union.

Intellectual products are developed during the project:

  • The Professional Development Program for in-service teachers and educators (PDP) with STEAM competence development guidance,
  • Collection of STEAM Hands-on Good Practices (Collection),
  • Practical Handbook on Effective Development and Implementation of STEAM Teaching at School (Handbook).